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To any companies, office relocation is important but tedious. Starting from location hunting till the end of the project, customers are inevitably confronted by endless challenges that make the removal annoying and time-consuming. If there is any problem in co-ordination between various contractors and the removal vendor, the relocation may probably delay. More importantly, any problem with equipments such as server or telephone system during removal may cause serious disturbance to the daily operation of your company. At the same time, relocation is also annoying given that it takes lots of time to tidy up one's workplace.



Scope of Service:sup.jpg

  • Onsite Analysis and Consultancy Services
  • Network and System Design
  • Server Room Design and Infrastructure
  • Server Rack Space Arrangement
  • Data and Voice Structural Cabling
  • IT Resource Planning and Arrangement
  • Telephone system Relocation and Reprogramming
  • Security System Design and Installation
  • Conference Room Audio and Video Equipment
  • Broadband and Tel Line Relocation
  • MPLS and Leased Line Relocation
  • Server and Workstation Relocation
  • Data Management
  • Data Backup Service
  • Functional Test and Implementation
  • User Training


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