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DISA / Call Through


Direct Inward System Access (DISA) i.e., CallThrough application is designed for companies who want to reduce the local and national interconnection charges involved in making calls between different networks and operators using 'dial-in' functionality.

The basic idea behind this PBX/IP-PBX 'Call-Through' solution is enabling authorized corporate users outside the office to call a pre-allocated telephone (DDI) number for obtaining a secondary dial-tone from within the organization's PBX/PABX in order to make calls using the organization's special low tariffs, and to capitalize on the direct connection to the different operators. As a result, the company saves up to 40% of the original direct call. Interested?

Major Advantages:

'Dialing-in' to Use The Telephone System From a Remote Location

This business telephony application is useful when companies wish to enable employees to dial long-distance calls using company lines, or when several branches of the same company wish to use a single PBX phone system.

Alternative, Low-Cost Call Routing for PBX

Direct Inward System Access / CallThrough system application creates for corporate businesses an alternative, low-cost channel to dial/call remotely through the PBX to long distance destinations from anywhere in the world; making the most of office-based international / long distance call savings plans.

VoIP Connectivity

Optional VoIP connection for enabling to connect both user and target destination numbers over VoIP networks for reducing call costs.

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