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Today more and more transactions are done over the telephone, but words can be misunderstood and memories can fade. How do you protect your phone agents? Financial commodity diversifies and investment return varies. How do you assure your employees are compliant to regulatory procedures when they are proposing your clients for a financial commodity investment over the phone? In fact, the demand for call recording solutions has increased dramatically in recent years as it has been proved that businesses in any scale can use them to improve customer service and employee productivity, address security concerns and comply with new legal requirements. 

System Basic Features:

  •  Records details of each call including time, date, length, in/outbound & phone no.
  •  Multi-language Windows based software with user-friendly interface.
  •  Powerful searching tool, users can easily find the records wanted.
  •  Can be back-up to USB hard disk or DVD writer.
  •  Recording Interface: PSTN, analog extension, microphone & audio adaptor




User Interface Sample:

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