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Business Center Module

Matrix IPPBX's Business Center Module is the very good tools for the operator of the Business Center and Virtual Office, the operator can install the Business Center console on the PC and fully operate all the inbound call enquiry of different Company with different Greeting Message and different Contact Person. 

We tailor IPPBX Solution for Business Center and Virtual Office




1) POP up Message when Inbound call is waiting for answer

2) Web Based Customer Datebase interface. Operator can  Add/ Delete / Modifly the Client Database.

3) Support Multiple Receptionists and Reception Phones

4) Support 1000 DID Numbers and 1000 Business Center / Virtual Office Account

5) Support "Master Code" Operation, Business Center/ Virtual Office Users can call back their own Number and press the "Master Code" to change the Greeting Message, Company information, Contact person information and Call Action.

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