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Remote Support

Log into your customer's computer remotely, from an Internet-enabled computer to fix any PC-related problem or provide training. Firewall friendly and secure, Remote Access Helpdesk is a cost-effective customer service solution that saves time and leads to improved productivity.

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Apple-03 1.png Download Mac Support Client


If you need a remote helpdesk support, please do step by step as following:


Step 1: Please download cs2.exe or cs3.exe 

Step 2: Click cs2.exe or cs3.exe to start the program.

Step 3: Please Call 852- 3900 1989 and tell your Customer Code to Matrix Helpdesk Enginner.


Step 4: After verified (cs2.exe), Matrix Helpdesk Engineer will ask you the "Your ID" and "Your Password". Then we are approved to remote control your PC and start helping you.


Step 4: After verified (cs3.exe) , Matrix Helpdesk Engineer will assign a (Support Server) for your access.


For more information:


Please contact our Solution Consultant at (852) 3900 1988

Email: info@hk-matrix.com